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The Internet Has Changed How People Buy… Have You Changed The Way You Sell?

That's where we come in. We'll help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to engage and close inbound leads and how to apply the same skills and knowledge to drive highly profitable outbound opportunities.

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9 Easy Modules

An online video course to help you connect with leads, find new prospects and close more business.

Ideal Prospect

We include the ideal prospect tool to help you define who you are selling to. Having a well-defined ideal prospect can help you build a better sales plan in the long run and help you target the right groups of prospective consumers. 

Sample Emails

We teach you how to break through the email clutter. Included are sample emails and a process for developing your own message. 

Tools and Templates

Documents you can download and use to help you increase revenue and profit.

Sales Process

We provide you with a template to define your sales process. A well defined milestone centric sales process that is aligned with your buyers' process is critical to increasing revenue and profit while shortening the sales cycle. 


Each module comes with a downloadable version of the video so you can conveniently take notes.

DISC Assessment

A free DISC assessment to help you understand your sales style and communicate better with your customers. Learn how to match your style to theirs.

Sample Voicemails

We teach you how to leave the correct inbound lead and prospect voicemail. Included are sample voicemails and a process for developing your own message. 


Just like your favorite streaming video partner you watch at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. Click the get started button. This is where you set up your account information and pay for your the class. logon and watch the short intro video. Everything you need to take the course is in the video.

What kind of results can I expect?

Most of our sales sudents say they increased revenue nd profit from applying what they have learned in our class. 

Why should I buy your poduct?

I have been in sales for 28 years and I have spent the last 20 of those years successfully hiring, coaching, developing and managing sales reps and sales managers. 

Are there any hidden fees?


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